FLOODPLAINS® interviewed HE Ebrahim Rasool, who was the Premier of the Western Cape province in South Africa, member of the African National Congress, and current ambassador to the United States. He was a guest speaker at the Islamic World International Conference in January 2011, which took place in Atlanta, Georgia.

As an anti-apartheid struggle activist, Ambassador Rasool was in the leadership of the United Democratic Front and the African National Congress. His social and political commitment has consistently been faith driven. He has been involved in both the Islamic Movement as well as the Interfaith Movement. He has been actively mobilizing the Muslims and the broader faith communities for a deeper understanding of Islam and faith under conditions of oppression(under apartheid) and currently under conditions of globalization. He has been the recipient of a number of leadership awards, including ones from the World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists, the London Financial Times, and the Kaiser Family Foundation.

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